The 10 Best Games You Can’t Play Anymore


Star Wars Galaxies (Lucasarts – PC)

From the sandy dunes of Tatooine to the awe-inspiring skylines of Coruscant, every Star Wars fan has a part of the series’ vast universe that they’d love to carry out their everyday lives in. Few fictional environments are better suited for an MMORPG than the world of Star Wars, and Sony Online Entertainment made the much-desired concept a reality with “Star Wars Galaxies” in 2003. “Galaxies” granted gamers the ability to play as a variety of species such as Human, Wookiee and Bothan, with a range of professions that included Bounty Hunter, Commander, and the ever sought-after Jedi. The gameplay in “Galaxies” largely consisted of familiar MMO questing, though players could also develop their cities with custom buildings, perform divisions of labor, and hold regular elections for Mayor.

As popular and critically acclaimed as “Galaxies” was, the game was eventually vaporized like the planet of Alderaan to make way for…another Star Wars MMORPG. Bioware’s “The Old Republic” launched in late 2011, and Sony Online Entertainment agreed to close the blinds on their intergalactic experience to make way for the new game. “Galaxies” sure went out on a high note, as players engaged in a final epic battle between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, while the iconic ghost of an elder Obi-Wan Kenobi watched over the virtual universe in its last hours.

Alternatives: If you’d still like to have a virtual life in a galaxy far, far away, Bioware’s “The Old Republic” recently went free-to-play.

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