How to Use Xbox One Snap – Tom’s Guide


Suppose you’re watching Sunday Night Football and you want to update your fantasy team. Or you can’t figure out a difficult video game and you need to look at a FAQ. Or maybe you’re playing a really easy video game, and you’d like to watch some Netflix while you play.

Xbox One lets you do these things from one screen, using its new Snap feature that attaches, or “snaps,” up to two apps to the right side of the screen, in addition to the game you’re playing on the main screen.

1. Say “Xbox, Snap.” A sidebar will appear on the right side of the screen with a list of Snap-able apps. These include Netflix, Internet Explorer, Game DVR and Crackle. In the above image, a game of “Forza Motorsport 5” continues to run on the left side of the screen as the Snap sidebar appears on the right.

2. Select an app from the Snap list. You can do this by using the controller or by saying the app’s name aloud. Note: your controller’s movements now correspond to the Snap sidebar, not the game. To switch back to the game, say “Xbox, switch.”

3. Make a Snapped app full-screen. Say you’re playing “Madden 25” while watching Sunday Night Football via the TV app snapped to the screen when suddenly the game gets exciting. You can say “Switch to TV” to make the live football game go full-screen. Your game will be paused automatically while you watch live TV. When you want to return to the game, say “Switch to Madden 25” and you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.

4. (Optional) Use the Xbox SmartGlass app to manage your Snaps. You can open and close apps, type information into them, and make them snapped or full-screen from the Xbox SmartGlass app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8. SmartGlass makes it easier to type information such as an online search or a Netflix title.

5. Remove the Snap sidebar. When you’re done with your snapped apps you can remove the sidebar and bring your game back to full screen by shouting “Xbox, Unsnap.”

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