The Fastest Way to Level Up in Pokémon Go


If you’re like a lot of Pokémon Go players, you’ve probably noticed that your local gyms are already occupied by super high-level Pokémon with combat point ratings of 1000 or more and wondered how they got there. Well, with a little effort you too can join the ranks of the elite Pokemon trainers.

Now, let’s get this straight — on top of having a lot of free time, many of the people who are climbing levels super fast have sunk a bit of cash into the game. That’s because they are using Lucky Eggs, which double the XP you earn from playing the game for 30 minutes. While you can obtain a couple Lucky Eggs by reaching levels 9 and 14, they can also be bought from Pokémon Go’s in-game shop for 80 coins a piece, or in packs of 8 for 500 coins or 25 for 1250 coins. Coins are priced at about a cent per coin, although the cost goes down if you buy in bulk.

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