Best Puzzle Games 2018 – Top Puzzle Apps for Android and iPhone


You Must Build A Boat (Android, iOS: $2.99)

Sequel to Luca Redwood’s 10000000, You Must Build A Boat (Android, iOS) takes the original game’s masterful blend of match 3 and dungeon crawling RPG and refines it even further. As in the original game, players must match 3 icons to break through obstacles, such as swords for monsters and keys for chests and locked doors. You Must Build A Boat adds numerous features, such as optional quests, dungeon modifiers, traps, and a variety of modifiers and upgrades. The game introduces new mechanics at a controlled pace, never throwing you into the deep end, and as the game isn’t free to play, it doesn’t limit you with timers or wheedle for in-app purchases.

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