Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controllers Hit All-Time Price Low


If you’re fortunate enough to own a Nintendo Switch — or if you plan on buying one in the near future — Amazon currently has the Joy-Con Left & Right Controller in Gray for $66.22. That’s $13 under its list price and easily beats every other retailer’s pricing including Best Buy, Walmart, and Toys R Us.

Nintendo Joy-Con Left & Right ControllerView Deal

Since the Switch’s launch, Amazon has aggressively discounted some of the console’s accessories. Just last week this same controller was going for $70 on Amazon and now it’s been slashed even lower.

Although the Switch comes with a pair of Joy-Con controllers, the console can sync with up to four pairs for multiplayer gaming. The Joy-Con controllers are one of the Switch’s most important features. They can be used to play on the go or they can be connected to a dock, which transforms them into a more traditional controller.

The right controller features an NFC reader, for use with Nintendo’s Amiibos, while the left Joy-Con features a share button for posting clips and images to social media. They can operate as one, or independently, with each serving as a miniature controller thanks to additional buttons placed on the rail that normally connects the Joy-Cons to the Switch.

Both Joy-Cons have built-in gyrometers, accelerometers, and unique rumble motors. Reports also indicate that they work with PCs and Macs.

Although they’re also available in neon blue and red, Amazon is only discounting the gray controllers. Nevertheless, it’s the best deal we’re likely to see on Nintendo’s innovative Joy-Con Controller.

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