You Can Now Play Steam Games on Your TV for Just $20


Valve’s Steam Link isn’t your standard gaming console. In fact, it’s not a console at all. The set-top box was designed to bring PC gaming to your living room couch, without requiring you to lug your gaming rig to the living room. The $50 box is now on sale for just $20. That’s 60 percent off its full retail price and the best deal we’ve seen for it since the holidays.

The Steam Link integrates seamlessly with your Steam library. The inconspicuous box decodes compressed 1080p, 60fps video sent from your PC over your Wi-Fi network to your HDTV, thereby bringing your Steam library to the big screen. Its performance relies mostly on your PC’s hardware, as well as the quality of your wireless network. The box features an Ethernet port, HDMI out, and three USB 2.0 ports.

Valve also designed a special controller for the Steam Link dubbed simply Steam Controller. The controller features dual touch pads with haptic feedback, a D-pad, dual-stage triggers, back grip buttons, and fully customizable control schemes.  It’s also on sale for $34.99, which is $15 off its normal price. Alternatively, the Steam Link can be paired with traditional controllers, such as the PS4’s DualShock.

If you’ve always wanted to bring your Steam games to the living room, there’s no cheaper way to do so than with the Steam Link.

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