Get This 4-Game Xbox One S Bundle for $249


Xbox One S consoles are a dime a dozen, but Amazon’s current Xbox One bundle stands out from the rest of the pack.

The $249 bundle includes a 500GB Xbox One S console alongside four free games: Ghost Recon Wildlands Gold Edition, Forza Motorsport 6, Halo 5, and ReCore. If purchased separately, the games alone would cost you around $236. The games are digitally delivered via email when the console ships.

One of the best games in the bundle is Ghost Recon Wildlands. It offers one of the biggest open worlds we’ve seen in any game to date. The Gold Edition includes the base game and Season Pass subscription, which gives you access to two major expansions, as well as all of the premium content included in the Deluxe Edition. The Gold Edition of the game costs $129.

While we’re fans of this deal, it’s worth noting that the new Xbox One X will debut this November for $499. The Xbox One X is a beefier, 4K-ready version of the Xbox One. It’ll work with all of your existing Xbox One games and accessories, but will provide better load times and sharper images for folks with 1080p TVs. It won’t be cheap, but you can bet it’ll help bring down the price of the current Xbox One S even further.

Nevertheless, if you want an extra Xbox console, or if you’re buying your first, this 4-game bundle is the way to go.

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