Help Me, Tom’s Guide: How Can I Record My PC Gameplay for Free?


Recording and sharing gameplay has become an essential part of how we play. After all, that sick Overwatch killstreak or crazy Street Fighter combo is a lot more satisfying if you can show it off to all your friends on the internet.

But what are the best ways to record your finest PC-gaming achievements inexpensively, and at a high quality? Forum user Kharismen writes in:

“I want to record my gameplay for YouTube using free software that I can mess with the settings to what I want [sic]. I know about OBS and have tried it several times but I don’t really find it [to be] very good software. It either doesn’t ever load my video or doesn’t record audio — something always goes wrong with OBS. I want to get a free and reliable software that can record my gameplay at a high quality 1080p 60fps. Thank you!”

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