Best (and Worst) Facebook Messenger Games


Play Games in Facebook Messenger

Facebook added games to its Messenger app a year ago, part of the social networking giant’s efforts to keep your eyeballs glued to messaging app even when you’re not chatting. Games are now solidly a part of Messenger: the app started out with 17 games in November 2016, and that total has swelled to more than 70 games, with ’80s mainstay Tetris and a Star Wars-branded game the latest to join the mix. Expect the fun and games to continue into 2018 when Facebook says a Messenger-based version of Angry Birds will arrive.To find a game, just open a conversation and tap on the game controller icon. (If you don’t see it, tap the three-button icon to see more options — it’s likely you’ll spot the game controller there.) In addition to challenging friends to games, you can now live stream your Messenger gaming sessions via Facebook Live. And Facebook says it’s testing the ability to let people play games with each other from within Messenger’s video chat feature.

But which game should you pick? We’ve gone through many of the available titles to find which ones will spark friendly conversation between you and your friends — and which ones will end in awkward silence.

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