25 of the Best Video Game Storylines of All Time


Half-Life 2 (2007)

Most first-person-shooters rely on multiplayer mode to keep fans around, but Half-Life 2 didn’t need that to earn perfect scores from critics. Instead, this game gives you the story of scientist Gordon Freeman, whose time at the Black Mesa Research Institute is filled with tension, intrigue and interdimensional travel. But while a detour through a zombie-infested town may sound like it waters down the story, Half-Life 2 is grounded in Freeman’s interactions with the Vance family, and the hulking pet robot Dog, who isn’t even a dog. Also, Freeman isn’t alone in his quest to stop the Combine; others in the world of Half-Life 2 work alongside of you, adding to the immersion. — Henry T. Casey

Credit: Vivendi

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