The 7 Best Twitch Alternatives



Microsoft, too, has a streaming platform to compete with Twitch, and it’s called Mixer. The company claims that with its Faster Than Light (FTL) streaming protocol, Mixer gives users less than a second of latency between what’s happening in-game and what’s being streamed to users. That’s opposed to the 10-20 seconds found on other streaming platforms. And for some games, like Minecraft, viewers can directly interact with the game using Sparks, a form of currency inside Mixer. The platform has a slew of perks for Xbox One streamers, like USB webcam support and more overlay options. Its co-streaming feature allows you and up to three of your friends to stream at the same time. Also, if you’re a fan of Microsoft’s competitive titles — like Halo, Gears of War and Forza — Mixer is the best place to watch.

Credit: Mixer

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