The Best Retro Games on Switch


King of Fighters ‘98

Fans of SNK’s fighting franchise have no less than six installments to choose from on the Nintendo Switch, spanning KOF ‘94 to 2000. But if you had to choose one, we vote you spring for Hamster’s Arcade Archives port of the ‘98 installment for two reasons. First, it’s regarded by many as the most balanced entry in the long-running series, with the early games’ mechanics refined to perfection that successive titles deviated from. Second, SNK broke from tradition with KOF ’98 by separating it from the series’ overarching storyline. That means it’s able to get away with having a massive roster of characters, including some that had already been killed off, as well as alternate versions of characters that have never appeared since. It’s simply a must-own for the 2D fighting faithful. — Adam Ismail

Credit: SNK

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