The Best Xbox One Games You’re Not Playing


Darwin Project

Darwin Project is a Hunger Games-styled battle royale game in which 10 contestants battle for survival in an arctic wasteland while the Director spectates and influences outcomes with their powers. The art style is gorgeous, and the gameplay is simple but complex enough to create varying play styles. The game is creative in the way it enforces the community to play nice with one another via Inmate and Director roles.

Inmates can rate Directors, and if their rating drops below a certain score, they are deprived of certain abilities. On the flip side, if an inmate is being unsportsmanlike, the Director can use their powers to put the player at a severe disadvantage. Hosting a game show as the Director is much more fun than I expected, as it brought out a different personality in me and led to ridiculously fun predicaments among contestants. — Rami Tabari

Credit: Scavengers Studio

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