The Best Free Nintendo Switch Games


Fortunately, there are a handful of great titles on Nintendo’s portable home console that don’t cost a single cent to enjoy. While the Switch’s free game selection is a bit thin at the moment, it contains a few gems that absolutely deserve a slot in your library alongside Mario and Zelda. Here are our favorite freebies so far.


(Image credit: Epic Games)

The hottest game in the world right now is completely free-to-play and feels especially at home on Switch. The Switch version of Fortnite is the same addicting battle royale experience you’ve probably played before on PS4, Xbox One or PC, as you and 99 other players battle and build on a colorful island until one player or team is left standing. And, thanks to the Switch’s portability, you can now enjoy Fortnite in your bed, bathroom, vacation home or wherever else you choose to take your console. Best of all, Fortnite supports crossplay and crossprogression across Switch, Xbox, PC and mobile — meaning you can play with pals on other platforms and retain all of your precious skins and V-bucks.

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