The Best Fighting Games for PS4, Xbox One and Switch



Wacky, weird and deceptively deep, Arms is the type of fighting game only Nintendo could create. In this over-the-shoulder boxing game, you battle with a pair of springy, gadget-laden arms, which you can control either with a game pad or by throwing real punches via the Joy-Con’s motion controls. The basics of punching, grabbing and blocking are pretty easy to grasp, but Arms quickly reveals a deeper layer of strategy thanks to the title’s slick movement mechanics and variety of swappable arm parts. The game is also a joy to look at, thanks to its colorful stages and a quirky cast that includes such staples as Ribbon Girl, Byte & Barq (a robot cop duo), and Helix (an, uh, anthropomorphic DNA strand).

Available on: Switch

Credit: Nintendo

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