10 Telltale Games, Ranked from Good to Awesome


Find out which Telltale adventure games are good, and which are great.

Telltale Games debuted its very first game in 2005: a stylish poker simulator called Telltale Texas Hold’em. Who could have guessed that 13 years later, the company would be nearly synonymous with adventure games?

The modern Telltale formula works as follows: Take a beloved pop-culture property, come at the story from a sideways angle, develop a point-and-click adventure game with light puzzles and a lot of meaningful dialogue choices, split it into five-ish episodes, and release the game over the course of a few months. The formula has worked wonders for everything from The Walking Dead, to Fables, to Borderlands. We’ve ranked our 10 favorite Telltale series, starting with the good and working our way up to the unforgettable. (They’ll remember that.)

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