The Best Open-World Games on PS4, Xbox One and Switch


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS4, Xbox One, PC, mobile)

It’s hard to pick the best Grand Theft Auto game, but in terms of open worlds, there’s a strong case for San Andreas. While GTA 3 changed the game, GTA 4 is amazingly true to New York, Vice City is flat-out iconic and GTA V is wildly enduring, none of those games offered territory defense. San Andreas, though, felt alive, with its Gang Wars gameplay, in which you’re trying to take over as many blocks as possible, so you can own the city. Taking over a territory is simple: You just survive a few waves of gang members. Sooner or later, though, you’ll have to manage attacks in different sides of town, and so you start to learn the plight of the gang boss. — Henry T. Casey

Credit: Rockstar

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