10 Essential Tips for Forza Horizon 4


Chain, chain, chain

Skill Score is essential to grinding your way through the Horizon Festival, and every 100,000 you collect is transformed into one Skill Point — a credit that can be used to purchase perks for each vehicle in your garage. These perks range from instant Wheelspins to greater Influence payouts during victories, to multipliers that will help you earn more Skill Score even faster.

You accumulate Skill Score even when you’re free roaming, and it goes up when you do just about anything — whether you pull off a drift or a near miss with traffic, or you plow through a fence or land a huge jump.

For each trick you pull off in succession, the multiplier for your Skill Chain — a running tally of what you’ve earned — goes up by a tenth. In other words, if you can keep the meter running for long enough, you can net 100,000 Skill Score in one go, and exchange that for a Skill Point instantly. However, be mindful that while Skill Chains can climb into the millions if you’re good enough, you’ll only earn up to three Skill Points for the first 300,000 of your chain.Credit: Microsoft

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