20 Games That Must Be On the N64 Classic


Star Fox 64

Do a barrel roll! Yes, Star Fox 64’s dialogue could be overbearing, but the sheer amount of voice samples included in the game was groundbreaking at the time. And when it launched in 1997, the 3D scrolling shooter was the first game with force feedback via the Rumble Pack, which brought another level of immersion to the home gaming experience. In Star Fox, players suited up as Fox McCloud piloting an Arwing alongside his sidekicks Peppy Hare, Falco and Slippy Toad. While it doesn’t take long to take down the evil Andross, multiple level paths add tons of replay factor. There is also a multiplayer mode, and players could take control of vehicles in the air, on land, or at sea, adding variation to the gameplay. With its breakneck pace, precise controls and gorgeous environments, Star Fox deserves a place among the best shooting games of all time. — Phillip Tracy

Credit: Nintendo

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