Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday Deal: Buy a System, Get $85 in Gift Cards


Discounts on the Nintendo Switch are pretty sparse this year, but incentives are another story.

The latest deal on Nintendo’s hybrid portable console come from video game boutique retailer Gamestop, which is offering up $85 worth of gift cards when you purchase the Switch at full price ($300). One is for $50 at Gamestop; the other is for $35 at Nintendo’s online eShop. Neither one will quite cover the cost of a brand-new game, but if you’re looking to build up a library for your new console, they’ll take a nice chunk out of any title’s price.

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The deal is active as of 7:00 AM ET, and will likely continue for the rest of Cyber Monday — or until Gamestop runs out of stock. The bundle costs $300 total and offers free shipping, although be aware that Gamestop charges sales tax in every state where it’s allowable.

While the Switch will take a few days to arrive, customers should receive their gift cards digitally, meaning that they can purchase titles in advance of receiving the console. If you wanted to stare longingly at a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild while you wait for the means to play it, this is your chance.

Best Buy is also offering the Switch with a free $35 eShop card, but only GameStop is throwing an extra bonus on top of that.

Bear in mind that this is not the absolute cheapest price we’ve seen on the Nintendo Switch, as you can get it for $254 on eBay. However, that’s a standalone console from a third-party seller, whereas the Gamestop deal comes with $85 worth of stuff from a known retailer. In terms of raw buying potential, the Gamestop deal gives you more bang for your buck — but if you really, really just want the console, you may be better off taking your chances at the online auction giant.

Check our Cyber Monday Switch page for further updates and more deals.

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