5 Tips for Dominating in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Your friend group has temporarily dropped Fortnite and is now all consumed with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. You’ve probably played Smash Bros. before, but you’ve never been the person in your group who dominates. That’s because you’re looking at the game incorrectly. Once you open your mind to how Smash works, you’ll learn that there’s more to the game than holding smash attacks.

Here are five essential tips for playing like a pro in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Stay in the center.

There are over 100 stages to choose from in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but most boil down to one large platform with a few suspended platforms. Smash, like any other fighting game, is about positioning. It’s an intricate game of high-speed chess, one in which you need to carefully place your character to gain the advantage.

The main large platform is considered the neutral zone. Try and maintain control of this area. Do not give it up. That doesn’t mean you just stand in the center and wait for your opponent to attack. But if you stay in the center while staying active, it will give you the most options to attack.

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