Resident Evil 2 Guide: 10 Essential Survival Tips


Don’t let Resident Evil 2’s stunning new visuals and completely overhauled gameplay fool you: This remake of the 1998 survival-horror classic is still very much a Resident Evil game. That means that you’ll have to conserve ammo, manage your inventory wisely, and know when and when not to engage a giant-tongued zombie monster in order to get out of the Raccoon City Police Department alive.

If you want to make your journey through Capcom’s gorgeously reimagined horror adventure just a little less frightening, here are 10 key survival tips.

Aim carefully (and don’t waste ammo)

Resident Evil 2’s zombies don’t go down easily, and you’ll rarely have a surplus of ammo to unload into them. Stay as still as possible, wait for your aiming reticle to shrink and aim for the head to do as much damage as possible. Zombies often get back up once they hit the ground, so unless you see a head explode, you should use your combat knife (more on that below) or fire a few extra rounds at the head until you’re certain they’re dead.

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