The Best Racing Games for PS4, Xbox One and Switch



OnRush is a team-oriented combat racer that borrows as much from modern hero shooters like Overwatch as it does from the likes of Burnout and Blur. However, there’s no conventional racing in OnRush. Rather, your duty is to score points, deliver ruthless takedowns and drive through checkpoints for your squad.

The aim differs depending on the game mode. Switch, for example, starts all contenders on bikes with a number of lives, before moving them up to heavier vehicles every time they’re destroyed. The last team standing wins. Another mode, Lockdown, is kind of like Domination in Call of Duty or Battlefield, with all drivers trying to occupy a zone for as long as possible to take it for their side.

OnRush was developed by the team responsible for Driveclub and Motorstorm, before the studio was shuttered and moved house to Codemasters. That means you can expect jaw-dropping visuals and handling with pinpoint precision — not to mention one of the most thrilling multiplayer racing experiences you’re likely to find this generation.

Credit: Codemasters

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