The Last of Us 2: Here are 10 essential survival tips


The Last of Us 2 is finally here, and fans and critics seem split on the ambitious story, as well as the unconventional character arcs. But most players do agree on one thing: The gameplay is top-notch, combining action, stealth and exploration in a way that’s both open-ended and compulsively playable. The game may want you to take a critical look at the never-ending cycle of violence, but it does make that violence an awful lot of fun.

Even so, The Last of Us 2 can be a challenging game, especially if you approach it like a traditional action title. Many enemies can kill you instantly, and the ones that can’t are smart enough to corner you and cut off your means of escape. Navigating the environment is hazardous, too, and if you don’t keep an eye out for supplies, you’ll find yourself lacking weapons, ammo and health just when you need them most.

Luckily, The Last of Us 2 is extremely survivable if you take your time, explore each level carefully and choose stealth over open combat whenever possible. Here are 10 essential tips for surviving the fungal post-apocalypse.

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Scavenge everything

The Last of Us 2 shares a lot of gameplay similarities with Naughty Dog’s other major series, Uncharted. But in Uncharted, your health regenerates automatically, and you’ll stumble across tons of gun and ammo from every downed enemy, and going off the beaten path will net you only optional collectibles. In The Last of Us 2, you’ll need to explore every corner of each new area for small caches of ammo and supplies, in addition to optional caches with bigger rewards like weapons and permanent upgrades. Exploring an area thoroughly often takes longer than completing the area’s main combat encounter, but the rewards are worth the effort.

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Find the best spot for combat

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