Xbox Series X and S unboxing: See Microsoft’s gorgeous new consoles up close


The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are still a few weeks away from wide release, but we can now share photos and videos of the physical consoles themselves. The Xbox Series X is a stately black device, while the Xbox Series S is a sleek and surprisingly small system. The controllers look more or less like their Xbox One predecessors, and they both come with all the cables you’ll need to get them up and running.

At present, all we can discuss is the consoles’ physical designs, so analysis of gameplay, interface, streaming video and all those other meaty topics will have to wait a little while longer. But if you want to know what you get in the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S boxes, how the consoles look, and what kind of connections each one offers, read on.

Xbox Series X

(Image credit: Marshall Honorof/Future)

Microsoft gave us our first look at the Xbox Series X a long time ago, so there are no big surprises here. The console is a large, rectangular black box (12 x 6 x 6 inches) with big, circular vents on the top. (These vents really do have tasteful green highlights, just like the marketing photos suggest, and they look pretty cool.) Each side is plain black with a matte finish; one has an Xbox logo, and the other has rubber feet for a horizontal configuration. The bottom of the device also has one large, circular rubber foot.

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