The best gaming monitors in 2020


Having one of the best gaming monitors can elevate your entire hobby. Think about it: What’s the point of buying or building a superb PC and decking it out with fancy accessories if your games look subpar? One of the best gaming monitors can display crisp images, vivid colors, high resolutions and fast frame rates, and they can do so with easy-to-navigate menus and tons of options to optimize gameplay.

On our list of the best gaming monitors, we’ve researched some of the bestselling peripherals on the market to see which ones really deliver a gaming experience worthy of your PC or console. Our selections run the gamut from 1080p to 4K resolutions, and from 60 Hz refresh rates all the way up to 144 Hz — and higher. Whether you have an AMD or Nvidia GPU, there’s a monitor on this list that can help you optimize your experience.

Black Friday 2020 deals
If you’re considering buying a new gaming monitor, you may want to hold off until Black Friday. Deals are already beginning to kick off, and November is usually a great time to hunt for gaming monitor bargains. If you need a display right now, check out our best TV deals page instead.

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