PS5 restock at Sony Direct — how to snag one when stock returns


Wondering where to buy PS5? PS5 restock has been coming in and out at the Sony Direct Store. Sony had stock on Wednesday, December 16, but has since sold out. Here’s what to expect the next time there’s a PS5 restock event.

First, upon clicking on the Sony Direct link you’ll be taken to a countdown page. Once the countdown hits zero (your wait time will vary), you’ll then be randomly placed in an online queue to purchase the PS5. (Remember, you’ll need a PSN account to make your purchase. If you don’t already have one, you can create an account here). 

PS5 restock at Sony Direct

PS5: $499 at Sony Direct
The Sony Direct Store has been getting PS5 restock throughout the week. You’ll need to form an online queue for your chance to get the console for $499.View Deal

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