Walmart Xbox Series X restock — latest updates and how to get yours


Wondering where to buy Xbox Series X? Walmart Xbox Series X restock is coming today, December 17, at 3pm ET. You’ll find the Xbox Series X for $499 here and the Xbox Series S for $299 here. Unfortunately, Walmart notes that neither console will arrive in time for Christmas (if you should be so lucky to secure one). 

There was Walmart Xbox Series X stock earlier this week, but the consoles sold out within minutes. However, shortly after selling out, the Xbox Series X product page on Walmart mentioned more stock would be available in 10 minutes, so if during today’s Xbox Series X restock you miss out on the first batch of consoles — stick around because Walmart might release more stock shortly thereafter. In addition, we were able to secure an Xbox Series S about 10 minutes after the event started. 

Walmart Xbox Series X restock 

When is the next Walmart Xbox Series X restock event?

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