8 things that didn’t suck in 2020


Overall 2020 has not been a good year for a lot of people. With COVID, natural disasters, murder hornets, politics and all the other crappy stuff that’s happened over the past 12 months, it’s been the calendar equivalent of a dumpster fire. While we still don’t know what 2021 is going to bring, we can all firmly say that 2020 is done. It’s over. Dead in the dirt. And we can’t say we’re going to miss it at all.

But as crappy as it’s been, stuck at home and gnawing our fingers down to stubs whenever the news is on, 2020 hasn’t been a complete nightmare. Don’t get us wrong, it’s been pretty horrendous, but there have been things that didn’t completely suck. From adorable little green men to the reinvention of the MacBook, here are eight things from 2020 that were actually quite good.

A great year for streaming

COVID has put a damper on a lot this year, and that’s particularly affected Hollywood. With the movie theaters closed, studios have had to find new ways to make money from their movies. Some movies have been perpetually delayed, but others went to the next best thing: streaming.

(Image credit: DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.)

Whether they were bundled into an existing service like Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max, available on premium VoD like Trolls: World Tour, or a weird mishmash of the two like Mulan, 2020 was the year studios finally realised there’s another way. A way that didn’t involve cinema screenings to successfully distribute their latest blockbuster releases. So much so that some major studios announced plans to carry on into 2021, and seriously pissed off the theater chains in the process.

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