Our favorite games we finally played in 2020


Whatever else you can say about 2020, it gave us a lot of time at home. As such, one of the few joys of this difficult year was finally sinking some time into our favorite video games — especially games that we’ve been putting off for a while, or only recently discovered. A ton of great games came out in 2020, be they the best games of the year, or games you may have missed, but we wanted to take a moment to highlight some gems from our personal backlogs.

These games, which came out in 2019 and earlier, all deserve a look, whether you’re in the market for a streamer-friendly deception game, a classic shooter, a demanding platformer or even a way to get in shape. If you’re still stuck inside for the foreseeable future, why not fill the time with an older game? If nothing else, it’ll probably be cheap.

(Image credit: Inner Sloth/Valve)

Among Us 

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