PS5 bundles are bad for scalpers — and for gamers


Of all the methods retailers have devised to fight scalpers, PS5 bundles may be one of the most effective. Recently, my colleague Roland Moore-Colyer wrote an article about elusive PS5s staying in stock longer than ever before, at least partially due to being sold along with games and accessories rather than à la carte. And while his reasoning is almost certainly correct, being able to find PS5 only in bundles is, at best, a mixed blessing. 

(Image credit: GameStop)

Why PS5 bundles seem enticing 

Back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and the console war was between Sega and Nintendo, buying a console often meant getting a bundle just by default. New systems generally came with at least one game, and often a second controller. But as this practice fell out of favor, retailers sought to make up the difference by offering “bundles” that included the console, a game or two, another controller and — if you were particularly unlucky — another needless accessory that the store wouldn’t be able to sell otherwise. 

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