Cyberpunk 2077 can’t catch a break – developer CD Projekt Red hit with second lawsuit


Cyberpunk 2077 didn’t have a good launch — and it hasn’t had a very good month since then, either. The ambitious sci-fi RPG has suffered from mismanaged expectations, game-breaking bugs and confusing corporate communiqués, culminating in unhappy fans, unhappy retailers and even unhappy investors. Less than a month after investors launched a class action lawsuit against Cyberpunk 2077 publisher CD Projekt Red, another group of investors has filed another class action lawsuit, with roughly the same parameters.

Information comes from a CD Projekt Red regulatory announcement via IGN. Legally, CD Projekt is obligated to disclose basic information about lawsuits, so we know as much as the company has shared. On January 15, a group of American investors filed a lawsuit against CD Projekt Red.

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