GeForce Now just gave M1 MacBooks a lot more gaming choice


Although the MacBook Air M1 and Mac mini M1 managed to impress us with their impressive performance and incredible efficiency, some are still wary about moving away from Intel based machines. There’s a good reason for this: Apple is quite transparent that the new architecture isn’t compatible with all software, and while this gap will close over time, if your software of choice isn’t there, then it’s hard to justify the upgrade.

And while few would buy a Mac purely for the gaming options, those with a new M1 MacBook or Mac mini just got a whole lot more choice. With GeForce Now 2.0.27, Nvidia has added compatibility for M1 Macs in the official macOS app. That, along with games playable via an Apple Arcade subscription, makes the new hardware a far easier sell to those who like to occasionally play games. 

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