Can’t buy an Nvidia RTX 3080? These older GeForce cards are coming back to meet demand


The Nvidia RTX 30-series stock disaster continues largely unabated; anyone who’s tried to find where to buy the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, in particular, will have faced weeks of sold-out stock. Such is the mass demand for these latest graphics cards that Nvidia has released additional stock of its older GPUs to partner manufacturers, just to get more GeForce GPUs on shelves.

Nvidia confirmed the move to PCWorld, with the last-gen RTX 2060 and the even older GTX 1050 Ti named as GPUs that would make their way to board partners. The company noted that these GPUs never formally reached end-of-life status anyway. But it’s telling that demand is so high Nvidia evidently believes these aged cards will still sell.

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