Nintendo leverages Microsoft Teams for new Switch concierge service


The Nintendo Switch Concierge service takes a tried-and-true public health idea, and applies it to gaming consoles. Instead of waiting until your Switch breaks before calling customer support, Nintendo is now encouraging recent console buyers to set up one-on-one calls to learn how to use the Switch properly in the first place. It’s the “preventative care” approach, but for the world of console gaming. Interestingly, the Nintendo Switch Concierge service will also leverage Microsoft Teams for video meetings – not the first time Nintendo has made use of Microsoft’s services.

Information comes from the official Nintendo website, which now has a “Nintendo Switch Concierge” subsection. The service is open to all “recent” Switch owners (“recent” is not defined, so you’re on the honor system), and setting up an appointment is a straightforward process. First, you pick a topic you’d like to discuss: Nintendo Switch 101, Games (Getting Started), Games (What to Play Next), Security and Privacy, Nintendo Account or Customization. Then, you pick an open spot on a digital calendar and schedule a 30-minute appointment with a Nintendo representative. When the time comes, the two of you chat via a Microsoft Teams video call.

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