Zelda 35th anniversary: Why Ocarina of Time is still my favorite


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the best games I’ve never finished. My tenuous excuse is that I used to get stuck a lot, and it takes a while to figure out the dungeons. As a kid brought up in the internet-less wilds of rural West Wales, with sports and school taking up my time, my progress through Ocarina of Time was glacial. 

As I made my way through this N64 game in a piecemeal fashion, PC and original Xbox gaming arrived to court my attention. Then I moved out of my childhood home, leaving my N64 behind, with Link waiting to take on the boss at the Spirit Temple. I was so near the end, and yet so far. Until the relative freedom of university life, I’d always played games in fits and spurts. Yet despite my bizarre approach to it, Ocarina of Time is seared into my memory. 

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