Xbox Game Pass killer upgrades could put Google Stadia to shame


It looks like Microsoft isn’t resting on its laurels with Project xCloud – the streaming technology that lets Xbox Game Pass subscribers play a selection of titles remotely. 

First, Windows Central has heard from “trusted sources” that the improvements to the Xbox cloud streaming servers are showing solid results, with resolution getting bumped from 720p to 1080p. Here’s a screencap sent with the developer overlay showing all the pertinent stats. 

Your quality, of course, may vary. Just as how Netflix may go a little soft if your internet connection suddenly slows, xCloud may bump your resolution down if it’ll help performance. That’s what Windows Central found when they tried the same test and were locked in a more disappointing 720p, reasoning that they were simply too far from a data center running the 1080p test.

(Image credit: Windows Central)

The bump to 1080p brings Microsoft’s offering in line with Google Stadia’s free tier – though that service is facing its own very public teething troubles with the closure of its two first-party game studios and a limited number of triple-A titles currently in the schedule.

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