This handheld AMD PC is here to challenge Nintendo Switch — but there’s a big catch


The Nintendo Switch has made one thing eminently clear: people like playing console-style games on the go. The Aya Neo theoretically goes a step further: It’s a handheld gaming PC. This innovative gadget is currently in the middle of a very successful crowdfunding campaign. If it’s successful, it could be one of the first opportunities for everyday consumers to get their hands on a gadget that’s been a CES concept up until now.

Information comes from Indiegogo, where Aya Neo, a boutique Chinese electronics manufacturer, has set up shop. The pitch is pretty straightforward. The Aya Neo is a gaming PC in a handheld console shell. It has two analog sticks, a D-pad, face buttons and a handful of functionality buttons. But be prepared to spend serious money. 

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