Inkulinati brings medieval manuscripts to life


Inkulinati illustrates something that medievalists have known for a while: old manuscripts are really, really weird. While it’s tempting to think of monastic scribes as stolid, studious clergymen, they actually filled their tomes with illustrations of dogs with shields, rabbits riding snails and weaponized flatus, among other things. Inkulinati is an ambitiously illustrated strategy game that brings this medieval marginalia to life in a gorgeous and imaginative package.

I saw Inkulinati’s dev team, Yaza Games, show off the title during a digital press conference on March 18. While Yaza has shown off bits and pieces of Inkulinati ever since the game’s pre-alpha back in 2018, it’s now nearing completion, and will launch on Steam later this year. A console release should follow in 2022.

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