Demon’s Souls fans rejoice — the killer PS5 game is getting a movie adaptation


Sony is reportedly cooking up a Demon’s Souls movie based on the cult classic From Software game. This should not be confused with the Dark Souls series, which was a spiritual successor to 2009’s Demon’s Souls on PS3. 

The report comes via Giant Freakin Robot, which cites a “trusted inside source.” Details are scant, and the outlet doesn’t make it clear if the film will follow the same plot as its video game counterpart. Demon’s Souls has players on a mission to defeat an ancient demon dubbed the Old One, which was roused from its slumber by Boletaria’s King Allant. It’s a fairly nebulous premise, and given that the player avatar serves more as a vessel rather than a fully fleshed out character, the possibilities are numerous for a film adaptation.    

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