Target PS5 restock expected this week —here’s what we know


There was a time when we’d have to wait weeks, maybe even a month, between PS5 restocks. No more, as retailers are finally starting to replenish stock of the console at a regular pace. 

Last week Target dropped a PS5 restock on us, much to the delight of gamers still eager to get their hands on Sony’s next-gen machine. And it looks like the retailer will be offering customers another chance to secure a console this week as well.

PS5: $499 @ Target
Sony’s PS5 is one of the most in-demand products in the world right now. For good reason. Packing the ability to play games in 4K at 60 fps it’s a true next-gen experience. Target is rumored to have a restock of the console at some point this week. View Deal

PS5 Digital edition: $399 @ Target
The PS5 Digital edition features the same powerful specs as the regular PS5, just minus the 4K Blu-ray drive. It’s ideal for those who can’t stand disc swapping. Target is expected to have a restock this week though the exact date and time remains unconfirmed. View Deal

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