Fortnite update boosts Nintendo Switch performance and drops dinos on the island


Fortnite update 16.10 is live and brings a graphics boost for Nintendo Switch with it. The update dropped yesterday, introducing raptors, wolves, and other wildlife to the game. Dataminers have also dug out some Easter-themed skins which we expect to drop soon. 

First thing’s first: what are Nintendo Switch players in for? Epic Games announced the GPU and performance boost for Fortnite on the Switch, noting it’s upgraded the renderer on the console to better use the GPU. If you’re playing on the hybrid console, that means better resolution in handheld and docked mode, a more consistent framerate and a smoother overall experience. 

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The studio explains that Fortnite on Switch will still use dynamic resolution to hit a consistent framerate, but instances will be less frequent, with “significantly higher” resolution in general. 

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