Xbox Game Pass brings classic games to Android


The latest Xbox Game Pass development reveals a stark contrast between the way Microsoft and Sony view gaming history. Just one day after Sony announced that it would shut down the PS3, PSP and Vita digital stores, Microsoft has decided to make classic Xbox games more widely available than ever before. As of today, you can play 16 original Xbox and Xbox 360 titles on your Android device via Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) — and there are some really good games in the mix.

Information comes from the official Xbox Wire blog, and it’s pretty much as straightforward as it sounds. As part of the $15-per-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, users can stream certain games directly from Microsoft’s servers to the Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) app on Android. Up until today, only Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S games were eligible for this treatment. But now there are 16 games from older Xbox consoles — and if the program is successful, we’ll probably see more in the future.

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