Halo: The Master Chief Collection finally supports mouse and keyboard on Xbox


A common complaint among competitive Halo: The Master Chief Collection players is that PC players have a big edge over their console brethren. That’s because PC players can use either a controller or a mouse-and-keyboard setup, the latter of which is more precise and customizable. As of this week, however, console players will have to start thinking of other excuses if they lose a match. The most recent Master Chief Collection patch has added official mouse and keyboard support.

Information comes from the support section of the Halo Waypoint website, in a post detailing the April 2021 patch for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. There’s no special trick to it. Once you download the patch (which the game should do automatically, especially if you try to play online), you can simply plug in a wired USB keyboard and mouse to your Xbox One, or Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, and use them to control the Master Chief Collection. You can also modify key bindings in the game’s settings menu.

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