These PS5 bundles are a complete rip-off — do not buy


The overwhelming demand for the PS5 is thanks in large part to scalper hoovering up stock to sell at a ridiculous mark-up, but unfortunately, now legitimate retailers are getting in on the resale game. 

As reported by TechRadar, there’s a selection of PS5 bundles that start from $899 and go up to as much as $1,129 that are currently available at Sears. There are also several bundles that include the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, with similarly sizable price tags. 

These bundles are mostly filled with undesirable products including silicone controller skins, no-name-brand headsets, unofficial controller charging docks and some of them even come with PS4 games instead of actual PS5 games.  

(Image credit: Sears)

What’s most egregious about these bundles is that they have a quite considerable mark-up. Doing some crude maths we can estimate that these bundles shouldn’t cost more than $650, yet most of them are being sold for north of $1,000.  

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