Lego Super Mario’s Luigi envisions a dark future for toys


The Lego Super Mario set will soon get a Luigi expansion. That’s good news for kids and collectors alike. The popular Lego Super Mario sets are essentially game/toy hybrids that challenge builders to construct a real-world Mario level, then guide a Lego version of the portly plumber through it, fighting foes and dodging traps along the way. It’s good, clean, somewhat expensive fun for children — and that’s why it’s a little bit insidious that Lego Mario himself now acts as an interactive advertisement for the Luigi set.

Lego fan site The Brick Fan has essentially confirmed Lego Super Mario Adventures with Luigi, having seen the listing pop up on Amazon China. Writer Allen Tran saved product shots of the Luigi set, which depict Luigi working his way through an obstacle course, fighting off a Koopa Kid and encountering a pink Yoshi along the way. The listing is no longer up, so we don’t know how much the set will cost; other than that, it’s pretty much what Lego fans would expect from a Mario expansion set.

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