Sony saves PS3 and Vita stores, but it’s not all good news


It’s a good day for the PS3 and the PS Vita — and a less good day for the PSP. Three weeks after Sony announced that the PS3, PSP and Vita digital storefronts would shut down, the company has about-faced on two counts. After extensive fan backlash, Sony has announced that it will keep the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita stores open indefinitely. However, the PlayStation Portable store is still slated to meet its end on July 2. If there are any PSP games you’ve always wanted to own, now is probably the time to buy them.

Information comes from the official PlayStation Blog. Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, wrote the piece. In it, he offers a succinct explanation of why Sony wanted to shut down the stores, and why it decided to (mostly) renege on its decision.

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