The Last of Us 3 already has a story — what you need to know


Naughty Dog hasn’t committed to making The Last of Us 3 just yet. However, there’s good news for sequel-hungry fans: There’s already a pretty solid idea in place for the prospective game’s story. The two lead writers for The Last of Us, Part 2 have the major plot ideas worked out for another game set in Sony’s dark, fungal post-apocalypse. The big catch, of course, is that there’s no game to go along with it — and there’s no guarantee that there ever will be.

Information comes from IGN, which honed in on an interesting exchange from the Script Apart podcast. In Script Apart, host Al Horner interviews screenwriters for various movies. The most recent episode, “The Last of Us Part II with Neil Druckmann and Halley Gross” was a bit of a departure, as Horner and his guests discussed a video game script instead.

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