9 essential Returnal tips and tricks


Returnal is one of a handful of PS5 exclusive games available right now, and if you’re wondering whether or not to pick it up, the answer is “yes.” We gave it an almost perfect score in Returnal review, and are loving the next-gen features it offers. If you like spooky sci-fi, shoot-’em-ups, and the challenge of a roguelike, Returnal is worth a look.

While there’s no avoiding the fact that you’re going to spend a lot of time dying in Returnal, there are ways to make the cycles easier. Having a bit of spoiler-free knowledge at the outset is going to make things significantly easier on you. We’ve rounded up some essential Returnal tips and tricks to help you survive on Atropos, and get the best out of the never-ending time loop. 

1. Take your time

(Image credit: Sony)

Returnal sits in the stable of Housemarque games — a studio known for frenzied, action-heavy titles like Resogun, Matterfall, and Nex Machina. With that in mind, you might feel obligated to throw yourself into battles with gay abandon. 

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