Xbox Game Pass May update: Conan Exiles and Maneater added, Kingdom Hearts leaves


Titles come and go from Xbox Game Pass every month, and May is no exception. This time, however, it’s hard to shake the feeling that the stuff we’re losing is a little more substantial than the stuff we’re getting in return — even though we’ll have at least one brand-new title before the month is out. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can expect to see cult favorites Conan Exiles and Maneater before by the end of May, as well as the brand-new competitive multiplayer title Knockout City. But this is also their last chance to play the expansive Kingdom Hearts series.

Information comes from the official Xbox Wire blog, where community lead Megan Spurr outlined 15 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass, as well as seven games receiving touch control support, five games with new DLC packs, four games with new perks, two games with new Xbox Game Pass quests and six games leaving the service.

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